Family adventure: The hues of amethysts in Pyhä-Luosto

Parkside Pyhä

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Experience the beauty of summer and autumn in Pyhä-Luosto National Park in all its colors, stay in Parkside Pyhä's comfortable holiday apartments and go on a guided tour of Lampivaara's amethyst mine.

Square meters

93 m2


1 - 6 ppl


Bedrooms x 2

Beds x 4

Extra beds x 2


Bathrooms x 1

WC x 2


Not allowed

Fun vacation with your whole family in the unique surroundings of Pyhä-Luosto National Park at Parkside Pyhä's holiday apartments

Our Nature Adventure Accommodation Package offers an exciting guided tour of the beautiful Lampivaara Amethyst Mine, where you can find your own lucky amethyst during the warmth of summer or amidst the autumn's vibrant colours and explore the charming Amethyst shop and its products.

The package is designed with the entire family's enjoyment in mind; our spacious holiday apartment provides comfortable accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children (family ticket for children under 12 years old). The apartments feature inviting fell views from your own glassed-in terrace. You'll also find many other modern comforts, such as a sauna, air conditioning, a spacious bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. Free Wi-Fi, bed linens, towels, and final cleaning are always included in the price of your reservation.

Pets are welcomed in our specially reserved pet-friendly apartments – You can find the pet-friendly apartment under the "additional services" tab. Prepare for a full day's excursion in the national park's magnificent scenery and relax afterward in the privacy of your quality holiday apartment.

As part of the package, you will enjoy a guided tour starting from the Lampivaara café on the hour. You'll learn fascinating stories about the history of amethysts and the captivating world of Lapland's violet gemstone. The tour culminates with the chance to find your own lucky amethyst. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour.

Welcome to the heart of Pyhä-Luosto National Park and experience the adventures offered by Parkside Pyhä – book your spot for a nature adventure now!

Amethyst Mine Opening Hours:

  • 1.6 - 16.6. Mon-Sat between 11am to 5pm

  • 17.6. - 11.8. daily 11am to 5pm

  • 12.8. - 30.9. daily 11am to 4pm

  • 1.10. - 31.10. Tue- Sat daily 11am to 5pm

Lampivaara Café Opening Hours:

  • 1.6 - 16.6. Mon-Sat between 10am to 5pm

  • 17.6. - 11.8. daily 10am to 5pm

  • 12.8. - 30.9. daily 10am to 4pm

  • 1.10. - 31.10. Tue- Sat daily 10am to 5pm

Amethyst Shop Opening Hours:

  • 1.6 - 16.6. Mon-Sat between 10am to 6pm

  • 17.6. - 11.8. Mon - Sat 10am to 6pm and Sun klo 10-16

  • 12.8. - 30.9. daily 10am to 5pm

  • 1.10. - 31.10. Tue- Sat daily 10am to 5pm

The hike to the Amethyst Mine follows a beautiful trail through the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. The shortest route starts at the Ukko-Luosto parking area, where the walk to the café is approximately 2.5 km. The path goes along a ski track, making it easy to walk, although uphill. It is advisable to allocate about 45 minutes for the walk, allowing you to enjoy the national park's fresh air and pure nature at leisure. Along the trail, you can also engage with Lampivaara's information trail questions, ensuring an entertaining journey for even the youngest family members.

Join us for a unique nature adventure!

Services included in price

  • Family Ticket to the Amethyst Mine (2 adults and 2 children)


  • Essentials
  • Kitchen
  • Bed linen
  • Chromecast
  • Air conditioning