The Forest Bear Landscape Suite

Panorama Landscape Hotel

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'The Bear' is the strongest in Karelian forest. Our Forest Bears are looking at the green forest. Large windows let you feel the sway of wind and your own bedroom creates a nest-like feeling.

Square meters

34 m2


1 - 2 ppl


Bedrooms x 1

Beds x 2


Bathrooms x 1

WC x 1


Not allowed

The king of the forests whose den is the sanctuary of winter. The bear takes us to the land of dreams, where all the pieces fall into their places. The bear dreams of what the forest smells like and how the light plays in the spring. Forest bears are headed towards the green forest and frosty trees in the winter.

“The Bear” is at its best when the lights play with nature. Large windows give form to the landscape and the life in the suite. The suite includes a bedroom and a large living area.

Services included in price

  • Breakfast
    x 1
  • Admission to Forest Spa included
    x 1


  • Air Conditiong
  • Tv
  • Speaker (Wireless)
  • Wifi
  • Mini fridge