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An unforgettable ice climbing adventure at Pyhätunturi! Conquer the ice wall and enjoy Arctic scenery. Perfect for beginners, friends, thrill-seekers. Expert guidance provided. Price 116€ / person.


120 min


1 person

Experience an exciting ice climbing adventure at Pyhätunturi!

Price 116€ / person.

Welcome to an unforgettable ice climbing trip at Pyhätunturi! In this unique experience, you get to challenge yourself by conquering the ice wall in the wonderful artic scenery of Tajukangas. You can participate in the trip alone or together with friends.

This excursion is also suitable for beginners, offering adrenaline and rewarding moments for all participants.

Professional guides guide you in ice climbing techniques and the use of equipment. The climbing takes place in the beautiful northern nature surroundings, where you can enjoy the wonderful scenery while challenging yourself to the fullest.

If you've always wanted to try ice climbing or you want a new activity for your winter vacation, this trip is just for you. Excursion is suitable for people with moderate physical condition and the minimum age limit for participants is 12 years.

First picture: Bliss adventure
Second picture: Kota Collective, Jani Kärppä


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