Ice Fishing at Lake Pyhäjärvi

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Experience an unforgettable ice fishing tour on Lake Pyhäjärvi, complete with guidance, necessary gear, warm clothing, and hot beverages. Compete with friends amidst Arctic beauty! Price 75€ / person


120 min


1 person

Enjoy an arctic winter day at Lake Pyhäjärvi with an ice fishing trip!

Price 75€ / person.

Join us on a winter day at the nearby Pyhäjärvi and enjoy a pleasant ice fishing tour. Our professional guide will teach you various ice fishing techniques and lead you to the best fishing spots. Our trip includes everything you need to enjoy a friendly ice fishing competition with your group of friends without having to worry about transporting any equipment with you.

The tour includes warm winter clothing to keep you comfortable and cosy throughout your ice fishing experience, all necessary ice fishing gear, and the services of our knowledgeable guide who will introduce you to the secrets of ice fishing and take you to the top fishing locations.

During your ice fishing journey, you'll also get to savour delicious hot beverages that will warm both your body and soul amid the intense competition.


  • Winter clothes


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